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Why is pharmaceutical equipment  QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ chosen?

Perhaps, this question can be a matter of interest only to potential clients of our company rather than to our loyal clients and partners. The latter are confident in the quality of our production, and for them the choice of pharmaceutical equipment QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ has long been plain as day. So do ask, genuinely, why, having a relatively vast choice among the suppliers of similar production, our clients and partners have chosen our Company and QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™?

First of all, this is because the family of pharmaceutical equipment QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ is rather broad and enables to meet the demands of enterprisers from different business segments: thus, QUARCO coaters can be used both in pharmaceutical and food industries, with a possibility to coat tablets, as well as dragee and chewing gums. The sphere of application of QUARCO packaging equipment (blister packaging, “SACHET” type bag and "DoyPack" type bag packaging, cardboard machines) is also extremely extensive and embraces pharmaceutics, food industry and cosmetology.  QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ accessory equipment (calibrators, lifting columns and “drum tumblers”) is popular with manufacturers of medicinal products, feed compounds, with enterprises from chemical, agrochemical and food industries.

In other words, it is fair to say that pharmaceutical equipment QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ is fairly universal and meets not only the demands of manufactures of solid and liquid therapeutic forms but also the demands of enterprises from other branches.

Moreover, the production range of our Company includes such technologically complicated pharmaceutical equipment as lyophilic dryers, dryers with fluidized bed, and automatic lines of filling, sterilizing and sealing vials. Adequate supply of high-quality pharmaceutical equipment is unreachable without a careful and serious approach to the production issue, manufacture of customer-friendly equipment control systems, full preparation of relevant documents, and performing of start-up works after installation. Quarco Tech d.o.o. Company executes the whole range of the above-mentioned works and activities, so providing timely and robust supply of equipment needed by customers, which namely attracts our clients and partners and guides them to make   their final choice in favor of QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ equipment In fact, it is fair to say that the clients and partners acquire not only high-quality pharmaceutical equipment QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ but also a full package of services regarding supply and start-up works, including supply of necessary spare parts and components and a 24-month warranty period.

Finally, the production QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ is not limited to the equipment introduced at the official website and in catalogues. Our clients refer to us with non-standard requests for: container equipment with particular characteristics and specific features, filling machines for both hard and soft gelatin capsules, lab lyophilic dryers, lab coaters, lab dryers with fluidized bed, etc. Nevertheless, a request being specific or non-standard by no means influences the speed of forwarding a business proposal to the Customer, nor does this delay delivery, nor does this lower quality of the supplied equipment, nor does this affect the whole package of services supplied by our Company. For us, the primary purpose is the maximum satisfaction of demands of our Client, and namely for this reason our customers have become loyal clients and partners of Quarco Tech d.o.o. Company, with many of whom we have built not only business but also long-term, genuinely friendly and partnership relationships.

Thus, the answer to the question of the reasons for choosing pharmaceutical equipment QUARCO Pharm & Medical Equipment™ by our partners is clear and is contained in the abbreviation of our trademark: QUA means QUAlity, R means Reliability, CO means Customer Oriented.

We are confident that the number of our customers will continuously grow, which means that the number of our partners and friends will grow correspondingly!

We look forward to all new partners!