Quarco Tech d.o.o. produces and sells equipment under QUARCO PHARM & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT trademark intended for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and dietary supplement manufacturing and for research, chemical and medical laboratories.

Quarco Tech d.o.o. produces and supplies the following equipment types under QUARCO trademark:

Equipment for solid therapeutic forms:

  • Wet mixing granulator;

  • Periodic granulating dryers with fluidized bed;

  • Automatic tablet film coaters.

Equipment for liquid therapeutic forms:

  • Washing, sterilization, vial filling and sealing lines;

  • Vessels for preparation areas;

  • Lyophilic fryers;

  • Inspection machines for glass ampules, cartridges and vials.

Equipment for soft therapeutic forms:

  • Homogenizers;

  • Reactors to prepare ointments;

  • Tube filling machines.

Packaging equipment:

  • Automatic packaging machines into DoyPack and SACHET packs;

  • Blister machines to pack products into Alu-Alu and Alu-PVC blisters;

  • Cardboard machines.

Accessory equipment:

  • Tri-way mixers;

  • Calibrators;

  • Lifting columns;

  • Technological containers and containers for dry free-flowing products (bins);

  • Mixers for bins.