Q-TECHNOLOGIES GROUP GMBH offers calibrators intended to granulate dry tablet mixes and for tablet grinding. QUARCO trademark calibrators are the most suitable for processing of dry materials.


  1. Rotating paddle does not contact with the mesh during operating thus excluding the risk of metal inclusions getting into the granulate and prolonging the working life of the mesh;
  2. Calibrator may be moved across the room because of its wheels;
  3. Inner and outer calibrator surfaces are easily suitable for cleaning and disinfection;
  4. Calibrator design excludes the possibility of granulate contamination with lubricant;
  5. Calibrator produces minimal levels of dust and noise;


Name CDM-150 CDM-300 CDM-450 CDM-700
Performance, kg/hour 10…150 20…300 30…450 50…700
Granulate size, mesh 6…80
Paddle rotation speed, RPM 300…3600
Set power, kW 1,5 1,5 2,2 3,0
Overall dimensions, mm 720x445x1345 810x445x1345 920x445x1439 1000x500x1530