Q-TECHNOLOGIES GROUP GMBH offers two types of lifting columns: stationary-rotating and mobile ones. These columns are intended for lifting and moving of containers containing powder-like materials and for their further loading to technological equipment.

Features of QUARCO PHARM & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT lifting columns:

  1. Surfaces contacting with product are made of high-quality steel alloy AISI316L;
  2. Lifting column may be produced with mobile or stationary (rotating) design;
  3. Column may be designed for different height of container lifting depending on customer requirements;
  4. The device for dust-free product unloading is delivered in this kit;
  5. Column may operate in combination with technological containers;


Name LC-100 LC-200 LC-300 LC-500
Volume of technological container lifted, liters 100 200 300 500
Material weight, kg 80 160 240 400
Set power, kW 0,75 1,5 2,2 2,2