Q-TECHNOLOGIES GROUP GMBH offers film coating machines (coaters) intended to apply water-soluble film coating, organic coatings and sugar syrup on tablets. Coaters of QUARCO trademark are widely used in pharmaceutical industry (tablet and pellet coating), food industry (chewing gum, candy, dragée coating), manufacture of dietary supplements etc.


  1. Use of perforated drum and optimal air flow scheme enable significant reducing of the process duration compared with other coater models using non-perforated drums.
  2. Coating control system is produced on any language chosen by the customer and fully complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The mentioned standard aims to provide the transparent manufacture process of products important for people’s life and health. This is achieved by recording about equipment itself, raw materials used in production and actions of accessory personnel. Record keeping significantly decreases the mistake risk with various pharmaceutical ingredients and deviations from manufacturing specifications; it also detects wrong actions of personnel and provides back tracing of any pharmaceutical product batch. Control system includes the function of archiving and electronic signatures. The control system is installed if requested by customer.
  3. All family of automatic film coating machines complies with requirements of international GMPstandard.
  4. Placement of power and pneumatic boxes separately from the main engine results in more convenient maintenance services.
  5. All family of automatic film coating machines is furnished with spare parts from world leading manufactures.


Name ASC-8 ASC-16 ASC-32 ASC-60 ASC-120 ASC-200 ASC-300
Performance, kg/load * 8 16 32 60 120 200 300
Total drum volume, l 10 20 40 75 150 250 350
Drum diameter, mm 610 680 850 950 1200 1460 1580
Drum rotation rate, RPM 6...30 6...23 4...23 4...19 2...15 2...11 2...11
Main drive power, kW 0,55 0,75 0,75 1,1 2,2 4,0 4,0
Supply ventilator performance, m3/hour 1000 1000 3000 3000 4000 4000 4000
Exhaust ventilator performance, m3/hour 1500 1500 3200 3200 4500 6000 6000
* - Performance was calculated at tablet density of 0.8 and may vary depending on tablet diameter and form.