Training of customer’s technical personnel to work on and maintain the equipment is one of the services rendered by Quarco Tech d.o.o. within the scope of Technical support to its customers and partners.

This service enables our customers to assure that the equipment is used with maximal efficacy, to decrease production costs and risks of wrong operation, to avoid operating and mechanical failures.

Moreover, our customer gets a trained high-professional specialist (operator) that is situated in his/her own workplace and may carry out various operations related to equipment operation and maintenance, being unassisted by off-site specialists.

Training of customer’s technical personnel includes:

  • Overview of main functions, purposes and equipment components;
  • Training on operating the control system;
  • Training on equipment setup, adjustment and resetting;
  • Training on replacement and mounting of spare parts;
  • Training to work with technical documents and schemes.

The Company specialists use different methods to train customer’s technical personnel. Furthermore, our company plans to develop and implement interactive training methods (films, programs, presentations).